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Welcome all Zippers! We here at Carambola Zip Line offer a fantastic 2 tours for the price of 1!  The Carambola Zip Line adventure begins with a 30 minute Safari Bus ride on our big and comfortable Safari Bus that takes you to the very top of St. Croix!  Along the way you will experience exhilarating Caribbean views, inspirational music and hear all about our beloved island of St. Croix.  Photo op stops along the way! We'll arrive at the top of St. Croix at Base 1, elevation of 750 ft, to begin your Zip Line Adventure. Line 1 is The Mongoose, a nice and easy way to get comfortable with your harness, gear and experience the line for the first time. The Mongoose is 515 ft with a vertical drop of 27 ft and flies up to 50ft above the valley with speeds up to 20mph.  Now that you are warmed up and comfortable, up next is our biggest line The Gauntlet!  This is one of the bigger Zip Lines you will find at 2,473 ft in length it's just over half a mile!  This line has a total vertical drop of 205 ft with speeds over 30 mph and soars more than 200 ft above and across the valley.  Finally, you arrive at the Carambola Run.  This is the fastest line of them all speeding you back across the valley up to 40 mph.  Carambola Run is 1,382 ft with a height up to 85 ft above the valley floor and a vertical drop of 144ft.  When the zip line tour is finished you land at Base 4 where a beautiful historic sugar mill sits offering and awesome photo opportunity.  The Safari Bus greets you once again and takes you a short 8 minute drive back to the Welcome Center. 


Thanks for visiting our site and we look forward to meeting you and introducing you to some beautiful spots on St. Croix and show you an amazing Zip Line experience.



Please Carefully Read Each Button

Things to Know
Things to know
  • This Zip Line system has safety features designed by the manufacturer that accommodate the average human physical stature, health and body proportions.  These systems are in place for the rider to safely experience the ride.  If you question your ability to safely experience the zip line, please tell your guide, zip line operator or guest services before you participate.

  • This Zip Line is not recommended for guests with heart conditions, back or neck problems, expectant mothers, fear of heights or high speeds, motion sickness, recent surgery, or any other conditions that may be aggravated by riding a zip line.

  • When loading and unloading on and off of the line you must wait for your guide to assist you.

  • This Zip Line involves large vertical drops and high speeds.  You must be aware, use common sense and listen to and follow all instructions as given to you by your guides.

  • You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation time.
  • In the event you are late for any reason you will miss your excursion and no refund will be issued.
  • Participants must weigh between 75 - 275 lbs. (34 - 125 kg). Participants understand that they will be weighed upon arrival to Carambola Zip Line. Any persons weighing less than 75 lbs (34 kg) or more than 275 lbs (125 kg) will not be allowed to participate.
  • The minimum age requirement for the zip line is 10 years of age. Children ages 10-15 years old may only ride the zip line if a parent or guardian is present and also riding the zip line. Children ages 16 & 17 years old may ride the zip line if a parent or guardian is present to sign the liability waiver but is not required to accompany the minor.
  • Participants must wear closed toe shoes.
  • Participants may not ride with loose clothing or items, objects in their mouth or with items in their pockets.
  • The Carambola Zip Line is not responsible for lost personal items. 
  • No smoking, no-ecigarettes, no eating and no drinking while on the zip line portion of the excursion.
  • Any participant under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from participating.
Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy
  • You must arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled reservation time.  In the event you are late for any reason you will miss your excursion and no refund will be issued.

  • Carambola Zip Line will issue a full refund for cancellations received prior to 48 hours before your scheduled Zip Line excursion.  Carambola Zip Line will not issue refunds for any cancellations received after the 48 hour cancellation cut off time.  Carambola Zip Line will operate rain or shine and solely reserves the right to decide when cancellations will be made due to inclement weather.  In the event of a cancellation by Carambola Zip Line due to inclement weather customers will be notified and offered to reschedule or receive a full refund.

  • It is quite common on St. Croix to rain for very short periods of time and then clear up.  It is also quite common to be raining on one portion of the island and be sunny and clear on the rest of the island.  Customers must plan on arriving on time for their scheduled Zip Line excursion rain or shine.  In the event of rain Carambola Zip Line may delay the scheduled tour to let the rain pass.  In the event of cancellation by Carambola Zip Line, for any other reason, Carambola Zip Line will issue a full refund.  

we can't wait to see you ZIP!

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